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Identification of the Company

Web sites www.arcatur.net and www.atrium-rw.com (below "Sites") are edited by the Company Arcatur SARL, in the share capital of 1 000 000 XAF, whose head office is situated in Hauts de Guégué, BP 23785 Libreville, Gabon.

For any information or advice, the Company may be contacted:
- By mail at the address above;
- By telephone in the following number: 00 241 06 25 87 35;
- By e-mail at the following address: info@arcatur.net

General terms of use:

Scope of application

The use of Sites by every person, below the "Users", whatever is the object of their visit, is governed by the present general terms of use, below.
General terms of use have for object to define the conditions of access, browsing and use of Sites. By reaching and by visiting Sites, the Users recognize to have acquainted with General terms of use and to have accepted them totally and without reserve.
Arcatur saves herself the possibility of adapting or of modifying at any time and without advance notice General terms of use, by publishing a new version on Sites. The applicable General terms of use are the ones current in the date of the access to Sites. If any of the clauses of General terms of use is considered null and void by a competent Court, the other clauses will remain valid.

Contents of the site

Sites have vocation to present products and services proposed by Arcatur.
Products are presented on Sites according to the existing regulations. Photos presented on Sites have no contractual value.
Arcatur and, more generally, any company contributing to the conception, to the realization and to the on-line publishing of Sites endevour to assure the accuracy and the regular update of the information delivered on Sites. Considering the number of criteria having an impact on the prices (size, choice of the fabric, etc.), Arcatur cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the information mentioned on Sites, which thus have no contractual value.
Arcatur reserves the right to drive improvements at any time and\or changes in products and services described on Sites. Accordingly, Arcatur can correct and modify at any time the contents of Sites in particular prices of Products, without its responsibility can be engaged by this fact.

Use of Web sites

Every User of Sites guarantees to use Sites in licit, private and personal purposes, with the exception of any other use, in particular for commercial purposes. He guarantees besides that the information and the data which he supplies are exact, sincere and up to date.
Every User makes a commitment to respect all the laws and the regulations in force.
Arcatur can end at any time the access right in the Sites of a User if this one does not respect General terms of use or if he strikes a blow at the contents or image of Sites and/or to Arcatur. And it is true without prejudice damages susceptible to be requested.

Hypertext links

Sites can present hypertext links sending back towards other sites or other Internet sources. As far as Arcatur does not control these sites and these external sources, she should in no way be held responsible for their accessibility nor for contents, advertisements, products, services or any other information which could be presented there.
Besides, any creation of a hypertext link towards Sites will have to be the object of a prior authorization of Arcatur, which can be requested through the section "contact" of Sites.
Besides, Arcatur could not be held responsible for the contents of web sites proposing hypertext links pointing towards Sites.

Intellectual property rights

Sites and each of the elements which compose them (such as brands, logos, designs and models, texts, photos, etc.), including the software elements necessary for the functioning of Sites as well as the databases, are the exclusive property of Arcatur.
Any reproduction, representation, adaptation (in particular translation) or, in a general way, any use of Sites and their contents, total or partial, is strictly forbidden, except written authorization and prerequisite of Arcatur. Any breach will be essential of an act of forgery and/or unfair competition exposing his author to civil and/or penal penalties.

Use of the personal data

Within the framework of Sites, the Users can be brought to communicate with Arcatur a number of personal data concerning them (name, first name, e-mail address, phone number, etc.), in particular by informing the form of contact of Sites.


The Users are informed that, during their visits on Sites, a cookie can settle down automatically on the hard disk of their computer.
Cookies are data used by a Web server to send information of state to the browser of a user, and send back information of state of browser to the origin Web server. The information of state concerns the browsing of the Users on Sites, such as the consulted pages, the browsed path, the date and the hour of the consultation, the duration of the consultation, the identifiers of session, the language used etc.).
This information of state can be stored by the browser in diverse manners (a different text file by cookie, a unique file containing all the cookies, the possibility of encryption of this unique file, etc.) or not be stored at all, according to the type of browser used by the User, his version and its configuration.
These cookies can be read by Arcatur who can use them, in particular, to recognize the system of navigation of the Users, establish statistics of attendance of Sites, and for purposes of canvassing.
The Users can oppose the recording of cookies by configuring their Internet browser. Most of the browsers are parametrized by default to accept the installation of cookies. To deactivate the use of cookies, the Users have to select the appropriate parameters of their browser. The procedure varies according to the type of used browser but generally, it is advisable to select the mention "Parameters" in the tab "Tools". The Users are invited to inquire about the modalities of configuration of their own browser on the web site of the editor of their browser software or, in a general way on the CNIL’s website: "www.cnil.com" by using the keyword "cookies" in the search engine.
The Users using Internet Explorer have to click the tab "tools", then the "internet options", then the "confidentiality" and choose "advanced parameters of confidentiality". To forbid cookies systematically, the Users have to mark "to ignore the automatic management of cookies" may select "refuse". If they prefer that the acceptance or the refusal of cookies is punctually proposed to them, they will have to select the option "ask".
The attention of the Users of Sites is attracted to the fact that the deactivation of all the cookies and other tracers necessary for an optimal browsing can prevent the use of certain features, pages, and spaces of the Sites.


The Users of Sites recognize to have the competence and the necessary means to reach Sites and use it). In particular, the equipments and the necessary software for the Internet access and to Sites are of the only responsibility of the Users.
Arcatur proposes the access to Sites for free and consequently disclaims all liability in case of interruption of Sites, emergence of computing bugs, errors of display or download and for any damage resulting from a fraudulent intrusion of a third party.
The Users use Sites under their own responsibility. In particular, the responsibility of Arcatur cannot be committed for all the inconveniences or the damage bound to the use of the Internet network, in particular a loss of data, a break of service, an outside intrusion or the presence of computer viruses.

Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

Any complaint relative to Sites must be sent by e-mail to Arcatur at the following address: info@arcatur.net. Arcatur will try hard to answer it as soon as possible.
General terms of use are governed by the Gabonese law.
Any dispute concerning General terms of use and, in a general way, concerning use of Sites will be submitted to the exclusive competence of the Gabonese Courts, in spite of defendants' plurality or call in guarantee.